Strategic Communications & Business Development with a creative twist!


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Photo: Linda Wasell


We live with a strong inner sense of passion of how profitable and sustainable business outcomes are connected to networks and people.
We see solutions as opposed to barriers and have with this mindset implemented a number of international tourism business deals.
We are stronger together and love to have fun while working.






Linda is a strategic and tactical executive with extensive experience within the global travel industry, including 10 years in Communication at the largest adventure company in Northern Europe. Linda is solution focused with a deep understanding of business development, risk management and customer experience. Besides many years with a public company she has practical experience from working in different international non-profit organisations. She has a Bachelors degree in Communications and Leadership Science. 


Karin is a strategic innovator that brings ideas from concepts into reality. Her background includes a Master degree in Social Sciences, extensive advisory work for the EU Commission with a focus on sustainable tourism development. She has also worked with democratic leadership in South Africa. Karin is involved in several national and international initiatives in her quest to drive change in the society. She is frequently asked to lead change processes and initiatives for companies. 



The future depends on what we do in the present. Every day is a new beginning. Be brave, be generous and do what you do with passion. If you don't have it, go find it! Passion is energy. Life, work and results are all about people. Surround yourself with positive people. Have a positive mindset. And feel the power that comes when focusing on what excites you. 

Peoples’ inner passion is power and key to extraordinary performance
— Future Fridays

A Sustainable mindset

We strive to work and live by the pillars of sustainability - with a conscious and holistic approach towards the environment and, by supporting cultural diversity and local businesses. We don’t say that we are perfect, but we are taking this serious and we are expecting the same from our friends. Let’s do our best to make this planet a good place to live also for future generations.